Fortum Kotinäyttöä (Solo II) – delivers clear savings of 25%

The Fortum Kotinäyttöä (Solo II energy monitor) has changed the Kaski family’s electricity usage habits – consumption has decreased by almost 10 000 kilowatt hours saving money.

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In prime place on the kitchen worktop stands the family Kaski’s ‘thingy’, Fortum Home screen – Solo II. The calmly engaging display shows and alerts the daily electricity consumption to three decimal places. For today it shows 73.580 kilowatt-hours. You feel the need to check out the consumption numbers when walking by.

The sons of the family Timi, 17, Miko, 15, and Karo, 12, can already check out the home screen, if someone is in the sauna if the electricity consumption is higher than usual. The boys love the sauna, and are always ready to enjoy it when it’s heated. Sometimes even three times a day. The sauna takes the biggest share of Kaski family’s electricity consumption. “Yes, we need some luxury here,” says Jarmo Kaski – Father.

The family has lived in Hausjärvi Hikiä since 2006, since when the house was completed. The electricity bill for the brand new house seemed amazingly high. The house has direct electric heating and two heat pumps, the usual appliances, several personal computers and a flat-screen TV – and the sauna. Satu Kaski – Mother, wanted to know how their electricity bill could be reduced.

In 2012, the Kaski’s purchased the home screen from Fortum. “At first we wondered whether the device would be worth having”, Jarmo recalls.

Was it worth paying a couple of hundred euros for the equipment, for which they had no previous experience? Soon, however, the figures spoke for themselves. Their electricity consumption fell dramatically…

Your can read the case study in full and learn what reductions were made over a 2 year period here.