Half of all Norwegians do not know how much power they use

Over half of all Norwegians do not know how much electricity they use from month to month. Still, 6 out of 10 mean they pay too much, according to survey.

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According to the survey, carried out by Respons Analysis on behalf of geo, which offers smart power management, 52 percent of those asked do not know about. how many kilowatt hours of power the household spent last month.

Yet 64 percent seem to pay too much for the electricity they use.

79 per cent respond that they are taking active measures to reduce the electricity consumption in the household. 90 percent of these turn off lights in rooms they are not staying in, 78 percent wash full dishwashers or washing machines, 70 percent have replaced regular light bulbs with light bulbs or LED bulbs, while only 4 percent use control systems that monitor real-time consumption and which ensures minimal and efficient energy consumption.

1276 people responded to the survey, which was conducted via the internet between May 8 and 14.

The PR agency, Släger, who released the press release on the survey, said that people were asked whether they knew “how many kilowatts of electricity” their household spent last month. So not “kilowatt hours”

We can only assume that the little confusion in the question of power and energy is not the reason why so many respondents “no”.